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The Mission

The role of is to provide an information source for Texans who prefer chiropractic care and to keep you updated on actions taking place in Austin that will affect your ability to choose your primary care doctors and your type of health care.

This Website will feature information on the Texas Medical Association’s lawsuit which could force many Doctors of Chiropractic out of business. This would make and make any remaining chiropractic care more expensive and more difficult to access. This site will help you communicate with the Texas Legislature.

Here’s what you can do now:

  • Register on so the Texas Chiropractic Association can keep you engaged in this legislative fight and provide you with opportunities to be heard on this issue.
  • Sign an email today registering your concern with the Texas Legislature. By entering your name and address under the “Take Action Now!” tab, your state Representative and state Senator will be identified. You will then be able to email them about this issue.

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